What is the Kushner Doctrine? The president’s son-in-law is reportedly trying to micromanage America’s foreign policy — and we have almost no idea what he believes in. New front in White House civil war as Kushner asserts authority at NSC. Is Stephen Bannon getting pushed out? The latest signs point to Yes. “Within the White House, Team Corrupt (Jared) seems to be winning out over Team Inept (Preibus/Spicer) and Team Evil (Bannon). But outside the White House, the most evil Cabinet secretary, Jeff Sessions, is just getting started”.

Trump would fail even worse with Kushner’s centrism: Steve Bannon is right about one thing — Trump’s son-in-law is incompatible with the president’s ethnonationalist base. The GOP almost lost in Kansas because even Republicans hate their party’s agenda. Trump budget director Mick Mulvaney admits their goal is high inequality, not low deficits. Donald Trump ruined everything by hiring a bunch of movement conservatives who think he’s a sucker.

President Donald Trump reversed course on his view of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, saying it is “no longer obsolete”. Trump says he will not label China currency manipulator, reversing campaign promise. Donald Trump flips on NATO, China, Russia and Syria. Here are all of Trump’s rollbacks, reversals, and flip-flops that happened (and more). “Who knew healthcare/Syria/China/NATO/the universe could be so complicated”. The curious case of Dr. Donald and Mr. Trump: FFS, does Trump have any idea at all what he wants to do? Don’t normalize Trump’s policy incoherence.

The Great Gazoo advises Trump: “Bomb Syria, dumb-dumb”.