From the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Francesca Valsesia, Kristin Diehl, and Joseph Nunes (USC): Based on a True Story: Making People Believe the Unbelievable. Hackers have just dumped a treasure trove of NSA data — here’s what it means. Billionaires’ bolthole: Eleanor Ainge Roy on how New Zealand became an escapee’s paradise. “Free speech” is a blunt instrument — let’s break it up. From Conversations with Tyler, Patrick Collison has a few questions for Tyler Cowen. If an event is any one thing, then, it is always evolving: An interview with Robin-Wagner Pacifici, author of What is an Event? Heavily armed left-wing group shows up at pro-Trump rally.

The violent clashes in Berkeley weren’t “pro-Trump” versus “anti-Trump”: The media’s oversimplification of what happened during Saturday’s rally risks obscuring a long-brewing and fast-escalating conflict between the far left and the far right.