Donald Trump is the world’s most inept hostage-taker. Trump’s chaos is causing lasting damage: Brian Beutler on the terrifying impact of the president’s permanent uncertainty. “The Rule of Trump Twitter: Whatever action Trump criticized with a tweet he is destined to do himself”. The Republican Party has defeated Donald Trump: Trumpism never existed — that’s why the party won out over the president. Trump the Ideologue: It might be cathartic to call Donald Trump an idiot, but the implications of his presidency are serious. Donald Trump’s foreign policy is becoming everything he said he hated. After the Syria strikes, right-wing non-interventionists are back in the wilderness.

Donald Trump is just George W. Bush but racist: The political reality Trump has discovered through trial and error is that he is delivering each constituency the thing it most craves. The Trump pivot: Make the plutocrats happy — keep feeding his voters nativism. The rise of the “Rad Trads”: Jack Jenkins on Steve Bannon’s radical faith. Olivia Nuzzi on Steve Bannon’s biblical fall. Sarah Ellison on the inside story of the Kushner-Bannon civil war. Alt-Right ringleader Mike Cernovich threatens to drop “motherlode” if Steve Bannon is ousted. Steve Bannon’s nationalist team prepares for the long game: “We’ll know that the nationalists have really lost when Trump starts talking about promoting American values abroad”.