George W. Grundy on how 9/11 led to President Donald Trump. What happens when Republicans begin to ignore their president? What Republicans could do about Trump: Here’s what the president’s most vocal opponents would like to see happen on Capitol Hill. Why a Trump pivot might backfire: Almost half the country strongly disapproves of the president, making it hard for him to find new supporters. Trump is losing, and the weakest among us will pay the price: With his poll numbers falling and his agenda stalled, Trump returns to his campaign’s darkest roots. Can Trump act like a big boy as president? “It’s just an embarrassing spectacle at this point”: Sean Illing interviews Matt Taibbi on Trump’s America.

Donald Trump’s 3 a.m. phone call is coming: The way Trump governs himself when America isn’t under overt attack should sober you — the prospect of how he’ll respond when we are should terrify us all.