From The Week, Ryan Cooper on why leftists don’t trust Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Deval Patrick. Kamala Harris is one of the most progressive (and attacked) leaders in America. Dehumanization by deification: Zoe Samudzi on Kamala Harris and “Black Women Will Save Us”. Martin Longman on why “the Left” should gaze at their own navel. Bernie, Kamala, and the Left’s war of mutually assured destruction. Massachusetts is ground zero in the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. Jill Filipovic on Democrats’ disastrous mistake on abortion. Of course abortion should be a litmus test for Democrats. Dear Democrats, equality is impossible without reproductive rights. Progressives issue “statement of principles” on abortion rights after Democratic leaders hint at softer stance.

The Democratic self-sabotage continues: There’s only one way out of our current crisis of government. EMILY’s List expands after 16,000 women reach out about running for office. Democrats have a historic opportunity — they must not make the rich richer.