Todd Gitlin on eight questions reporters should ask Clinton. Clinton or Obama? Why not both? Googling the New York Times: What would you get if the powerful internet company bought America's leading newspaper? A review of Walter Benjamin: The Archive; and Walter Benjamin by Esther Leslie. A cutting tradition: Inside a female-circumcision ceremony for young Muslim girls. "24" is going green?! Checking in on the hit show's most unlikely mission yet. An excerpt from Turning On the Mind: French Philosophers on Television by Tamara Chaplin. A review of Cruel Delight: Enlightenment Culture and the Inhuman by James A. Steintrager. From Seed, to answer our most fundamental questions, science needs to find a place for the arts; and will new revelations about RNA force us to rethink how our past affects future evolution? Stealing our future: An article on conservatives, foresight, and why nothing works anymore. The antiabortion movement has found a new face to exploit for political gain — and it's male (and is "pro-life" murder an oxymoron?) The European Union unveiled ambitious plans to slash emissions and increase investment in renewable energy (and more). From Magazine Rack, if you’re a conservative American, Newsmax is like a warm blanket; and like all new publications, Everywhere claims an edge; in this instance, its readers are also contributors.