From The Next American City, an article on the architecture of memory: 9/11 and the litany against forgetting. A review of Torture and Democracy by Darius Rejal. A review of Punishment and Political Order by Keally McBride. A review of Extraordinary Justice: Military Tribunals in Historical and International Context by Peter Richards. A look at how Fear, by Jan Tomasz Gross, has sparked an emotional debate in Poland, where anti-Semitism is not a popular subject. From CHE, a look at why universities have the responsibility to tackle the world's toughest problems. From The Atlantic Monthly, a modest proposal to fix the schools: First, kill all the school boards. What does a progressive tax policy look like? Ezra Klein investigates. A review of The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America by Hugh Wilford (and more).  Ending Global Apartheid: An interview with Lant Pritchett on immigration and the least-popular—and most-proven—idea for helping the world's poor. Thomas Pogge on understanding recent trends and political choices on growth and inequality. Frank Rich on the Billary road to Republican victory. From Wired, foreigners keep out! How tech mapping starts to redefine international borders. The manufacturers of Monopoly have launched a competition between 68 world cities in a bid to find 22 cities for a new global version of the board game.