Jacob Levy (McGill): Not so Novus an Ordo: Constitutions without Social Contracts. Let Them Eat Arugula: Hillary sure has become a populist these last few weeks—a conservative populist. A review of Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America by Rick Perlstein (and an excerpt at Bookforum). More on The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement by Steven M. Teles. Land of the free? Liberty in America is not quite as revered as its leaders pretend. A review of Aristotle's Politics Today by Lenn E. Goodman and Robert B. Talisse. Has science made belief in God obsolete? An excerpt from The Big Questions in Science and Religion by Keith Ward. Radar goes inside the world's elite secret societies. A look at why a growing number of universities are offering co-ed rooms. From New Statesman, a special issue on 1968, including humanity's last rage: Peter Wilby wonders whether 1968 changed everything — or nothing at all; and more by Eric Hobsbawm and more by Noam Chomsky. 1958, the war of the intellectuals: Fifty years ago, American critics worried about the collapsing distinction among highbrow, middlebrow and lowbrow. Two Cornell psychologists found we have two separate systems for memories, which helps explain how we can "remember" things that never happened. Rules of abstraction: Two rival critics argue over Pollock and De Kooning.