From The New Yorker, an article on using simulation to treat a new generation of traumatized veterans; and a review of The End of Food by Paul Roberts. Why do some people continue to hold Rachel Carson responsible for millions of malaria deaths? John Quiggin and Tim Lambert want to know. A look at what condoms have to do with climate change. Jonathan Cohn on what really ails Medicare. When chick flicks get knocked up: Is the new fertility-movie genre feminist or conservative? A review of Bamboo Goalposts: One Man’s Quest to Teach the People’s Republic of China to Love Football by Rowan Simons. It's not them, it's us: Exposing three myths about the costs of private health insurance. An excerpt from Self-Concern: An Experiential Approach to What Matters in Survival by Raymond Martin. A review of Torture Team: Deception, Cruelty and the Compromise of Law by Philippe Sands. An excerpt from Standard Operating Procedure by Philip Gourevitch and Errol Morris. A review of The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of Aids by Elizabeth Pisani. The Queen of the New Age: How the publisher Louise Hay unified psychics, mindhealers, angel therapists and positive thinkers of all varieties into a self-help spirituality empire. Things fall apart: Is the post-9/11 imagination disintegrating? More on Superclass by David Rothkopf.