From Dissent, Israel at Sixty: An interview with Mitchell Cohen; banned in Red Scare Boston: The forgotten story of Charlie & the MTA; an interview with Pico Iyer, author of The Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama; and more on The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. Is Barack Obama cynical enough to take on the Republican Machine? Vote like thy neighbor: Why the American electorate is more politically polarized than ever. Ryszard Legutko investigates. From Chronicles, Chilton Williamson, Jr. on liberalism as addiction. From Modern Age, what’s wrong with liberalism? Kindred Spirit: A willful optimism links Obama with "crossover" giants before him. A review of books on World War I. Here's an idea for an alumni magazine: Dig up what your classmates are really doing. To protect sovereignty, or to protect lives? The new notion of global responsibility to alleviate suffering has struggled to win acceptance—and Myanmar will not be the place where it comes of age; but yes, peacekeeping makes sense. From New York, a cover story on the affairs of men: The trouble with sex and marriage. James Cramer, on how to profit from the stock market no matter which candidate wins in November. In the Basement of the Ivory Tower: The idea that a university education is for everyone is a destructive myth; an instructor at a “college of last resort” explains why.