From Wired, a special issue on Inconvenient Truths: Cutting carbon is the only thing that matters (and a response: It's not just carbon, stupid!) Creating cheap, clean energy is a huge problem; so, how's this for a big solution. From The Atlantic Monthly, James Fallows on why smoggy skies over Beijing represent the world’s greatest environmental opportunity. From First Science, there have been three great revolutions which have shaped our view of the heavens and our place in the Cosmos, and we are currently living through the turmoil of the third period of astronomical breakthrough. Jon Chait on why everything Obama and McCain say about foreign policy should be ignored. From Harper's, an article on democracy and deference. From Jewcy, an article on Atlas Shrugs Blog, where sociopathy gets confused with Zionism. Jeffrey Goldberg on Israel's "American problem". Leave Hitler out of it: The craze for injecting the Nazis into political debate must end. From The New Yorker, an article on Chinua Achebe and the great African novel. From Magazine Rack, a look at the Battle of the Gossip Rags: Us vs. In Touch. A review of The Politics of Our Selves: Power, Autonomy, and Gender in Contemporary Critical Theory by Amy Allen. The book business may be flat, but there's at least one bright spot: the booming sales of books for teens—and no, it's not all Harry Potter.