From Ethics and International Affairs, Allen Buchanan (Duke) and Robert O. Keohane (Princeton): The Legitimacy of Global Governance Institutions. From the Journal of Social Philosophy, David Heyd (HUJ): Justice and Solidarity: The Contractarian Case against Global Justice. A new issue of New Perspectives Quarterly is out, on post-globalization. Resetting Earth's thermostat: In the race to respond to climate change, it's time to invest in an alternative solution — geo-engineering. For the third time in less than 15 years, the End of the World draws near. The World Values Survey finds happiness is rising around the world. From Mclean's, a look at how Canada stole the American Dream. From Esquire, does America have any culture? Chuck Klosterman goes to Germany to teach a class; his students teach him a lesson about how the world views us. From The New Yorker, Elizabeth Kolbert on the island in the wind: A Danish community’s victory over carbon emissions; James Surowiecki on the blame game and the price of oil; and George Packer on Obama’s Iraq problem. Christopher Hitchens on a book drive for Iraq: How you can do your bit to build democracy. From Commentary, an article on why Iraq was inevitable. A look at how terrorism paranoia killed 1,600 Americans in 2002. Frank Rich on terrorists rocking the vote in 2008.