From Diplomatic Courier, an article on what peace with Iran could look like. Inside China's illegal fight clubs: Meet the products of Mao's one-child policy, a generation of dangerously unstable bachelors looking to vent. Michael Walzer on US foreign policy after January 2009 (If Obama wins). From TAP, Michael Tomasky on the Party in Search of a Notion: The opportunity before the Democrats is far bigger than a few House and Senate seats if they can recognize — and seize — this unique historical moment. The two parties have starkly contrasting views of what it means to love your country — can they be reconciled? Peter Beinart wants to know. From Slate, David Greenberg on how the Republicans claimed the "patriotism" mantle in presidential politics. This July 4th James Livingston is asking: Is Bill Kristol a Bolshevik? From National Journal, the nation's roads and bridges are in pretty good shape — it's the national will that is suspect. Be Ye Therefore Perfect: An article on perfection as a moral standard. Eric Banks reviews Original Sin: A Cultural History by Alan Jacobs. From The Weekly Standard, a review of books on genetic engineering. From NDPR, a review of Human Nature: The Categorial Framework by P.M.S. Hacker; a review of Rational Animals: The Teleological Roots of Intentionality by Mark Okrent; and a review of Immortality Defended by John Leslie.