From Disputatio, a special issue on normativity and rationality. From Modern Age, to turn to Christopher Lasch’s oeuvre today is to be struck forcefully by its refreshing independence. An excerpt from American Pests: The Losing War on Insects from Colonial Times to DDT by James E. McWilliams. One blueprint for Obama: A review of Enhancing Government by Erwin Chemerinsky. An excerpt from Collections of Nothing by William Davies King (and more). From The Washington Monthly, how black Baltimore drug dealers are using white supremacist legal theories to confound the Feds; and Kevin Drum reviews Grand New Party by Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam (and an excerpt). From The New York Sun, here are 63 signs of recession: "23. A-Rod and Madonna re-heat last night's Kung Pao Chicken before early evening Kabbalah class". A review of Free Speech and Human Dignity by Steven J. Heyman. The forgotten tradition of the antiwar right: W. James Antle reviews Ain’t My America by Bill Kauffman. Forget Wii Fit and Perfect Pushup suction cups; to get in shape, go back to the original fitness guru Charles Atlas, "the world's most perfectly developed man". A review of Cars for Comrades: The Life of the Soviet Automobile by Lewis H. Siegelbaum. Island savages: How Britons became the angry men of Europe—and how to calm them down.