From TNR, a look at the demographic inversion that's caused the American city to become the suburbs. An article on demographics and political destiny. From Mental Floss, Linda Rodriguez on our scandalous vice presidents. Johann Hari on the hard cash that wins the vice presidency. Web sites such as MySpace and Eventful are branching out to appeal to a new and quickly expanding constituency: political supporters. Bachelor party: Should great men of genius stay single? They were once just casual acquaintances, now they're our wanna-be best buds — so who calls the shots when it comes to you and your favorite brand? Here's the story of Spencer Elden, the little baby floating towards a dollar bill on the cover of Nirvana's 1991 album, Nevermind. From The New York Review of Magazines, a review of Missbehave, a review of Uptown, a review of Mortuary Management, a review of Giant, a review of Jane's Defence Weekly, a review of Maisonneuve, and a review of Plenty. From The Independent, how Vice magazine became the new teen bible. A look at what mainstream publishers don't want you to know about door-to-door magazine sales. From Scientific American, an article on using causality to solve the puzzle of quantum spacetime; and using faith to explain anomalies in physics: Can emergence break the spell of reductionism and put spirituality back into nature?