Three years ago, an undercover agent in Maryland spied on activists — Scott McLemee finds her description in a sociologist’s article from 1974. Mother Jones unmasks a gun lobby mole, Mary McFate. From The Liberal, as an authority against authoritarianism, liberalism is undergoing a renaissance in Iran, and reflecting back to the West its radical roots, argues Danny Postel. Is killing liberals a hate crime? Only in a few states. A review of Aubrey de Grey’s Ending Aging. Wrapping up a year-long overhaul, Christopher Hitchens gets his locks freshly sculpted. A review of The Same Man: George Orwell & Evelyn Waugh in Love and War by David Lebedoff. The New York Times goes inside Professor Obama’s classroom, where teaching law and testing ideas, Obama stood slightly apart; and Obama takes his own law exams: How did he do? A review of Obamanomics by John R. Talbott. Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama, all flip-floppers! Why the GOP narrative always works. Jack Shafer on why nothing the press throws at Obama sticks. For years, Republicans have out-played Democrats, particularly on media strategy; this year Democrats have the upper hand. Can progressives can make issues like economic justice and cultural diversity sound like traditional American values? From Intercollegiate Review, an article on conservative critics of modernity: Can they turn back the clock?