From NeoAmericanist, Elizabeth J. Vincelette (ODU): Identity and Ideology: Press One for American English; and Lindsey Churchill (FSU): Dissenting Americans or Disloyal Deviants: Left Wing "Anti-Americanism" in America (1962-1975). The introduction to Supercapitalism by Robert Reich (and an interview). From Democratiya, a review of The Politics of Inequality: A Political History of the Idea of Economic Inequality in America by Michael J. Thompson; a review of The Age of Apology: Facing up to the Past; a review of Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan by Caroline Fourest; and a review of Jazzocracy: Jazz, Democracy, and the Creation of a New American Mythology by Kabir Sehgal. How John McCain and the Republicans became the aggrieved party; and James Kirchick on despots and the lobbyists who love them. A look at how Republicans fell in love with a pregnant, unwed teenager.  A review of The Baby in the Mirror: A Child’s World from Birth to Three by Charles Ferneyhough and How Infants Know Minds by Vasudevi Reddy. Rachel Cohen reviews Home by Marilynne Robinson. Classical to Rap: Music lovers have much more in common than you would think. From Greenland's Sermitsiaq, an expedition has found that the Northwest and Northeast Passages in the Arctic Ocean are both ice-free; and boy catches mighty cod