From the latest issue of The Atlantic Monthly, all counterinsurgency is local: Prosecuting the war in Afghanistan from provincial capitals has been disastrous — we need to turn our military strategy inside out; and Andrew Bacevich on The Petraeus Doctrine: Iraq-style counterinsurgency is fast becoming the U.S. Army’s organizing principle — is our military preparing to fight the next war, or the last one? Drew Westen on what Obama needs to do in the final sixty days: Avoiding President Palin. An article on Rachel Maddow, cable talk's newest star. As barriers disappear, some gender gaps widen. From TLS, Peter Singer reviews Ethics and the Environment by Dale Jamieson; Auden not our contemporary: Sean O'Brien on how the serious, reasonable prose of a dead poet shames the living. From Literary Review, books maketh the man: A review of Oscar's Books by Thomas Wright; and a review of The House of Wittgenstein: A Family at War by Alexander Waugh. From The Philosophers' Magazine, Havi Carel on the problem of organ donation: People are dying while we argue about the wrong thing; Giles Fraser has to laugh at the legacy of the Enlightenment or else he'd cry; more on Beyond the Hoax: Science, Philosophy and Culture by Alan Sokal; and a look at the university students who are going back to school in Sheffield.