A new issue of Econ Journal Watch is out. From New School Economic Review, Cameron Weber and Matthias Thiemann (Columbia): Questioning Development Orthodoxy. Paul Collier on how the United Nations is falling short on helping the poorest countries converge with the rest of mankind. An article on the demise of the Washington news bureau. Could an inner zombie be controlling your brain? Carl Zimmer investigates. Frothing at the latte: Politicians use stereotypes to lampoon and persuade — but what if they’re actually right, and how well does a latte identify political preferences? Robert Eisinger on why the GOP might regret mocking elitism. Sam Harris rips Sarah Palin, and defends elitism. Republicans are from Mars, Democrats are from Venus: Why is every neuropundit such a raging liberal? Beauty and the Brain: Neuroaesthetics promises to reinvigorate science's search for a theory of beauty. From Scientific American, an article on studying the internet to protect our future; and scientists hunting among our genes for the factors that shape intelligence are discovering they are more elusive than expected. The melting of the polar ice cap in recent years is decades ahead of model predictions, raising concern that climate change is proving worse than expected. From Newsweek, an article on the end of MTV’s "Total Request Live" (and more from Slate).