From Air Force Magazine, the Air Force says goodbye to 50 years of tranquil, undisturbed operations "up there" in space; and an article on protracted nuclear war: The Reagan Pentagon wanted to plan for it — then, all hell broke loose. From Kyoto Journal, in Mandalay, Franz Kafka meets Lenny Bruce. From Secular Culture and Ideas, an essay on Jews and Native Americans, and an article on Jews and sports. From Label France, special issues on French politics in action; the new French music scene; and a feature on a Tour de France of towns. From PUP, the introduction to Sans-Culottes: An Eighteenth-Century Emblem in the French Revolution by Michael Sonenscher. A look at why bad journalism is to blame for marijuana prohibition. We know what we like but our tastes are swayed by price, packaging and other social psychological factors in ways we're often unaware of. Here are six "uniquely" human traits now found in animals. A review of Bill Bright & Campus Crusade for Christ: The Renewal of Evangelicalism in Postwar America by John G. Turner. From New York, one man’s vandalism is another’s political art — just ask Poster Boy, the Matisse of subway-ad mash-ups. Banksy Unwrapped: A counter current to modern artistry. From Intelligent Life, can a loner, rational economist find a mythic sense of community?