Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern): Is Pornography "Speech"? As more countries move to ban or restrict hate speech, some legal scholars say the US should reconsider the broad scope of First Amendment protection.  An excerpt from Shock Jocks: Hate Speech and Talk Radio by Rory O'Connor with Aaron Cutler. How did Stephen Colbert become a progressive political force? An interview with Theodore Hamm, author of The New Blue Media. A review of Germany's New Right as Culture and Politics by Roger Woods. Cultural Learnings of Kazakhstan: Officials are frustrated by their most famous "citizen", Borat. Human rights campaigner Fiona Watson went to Brazil to meet recently contacted tribespeople. A review of The Sovereign Map: Theoretical Approaches in Cartography through History by Christian Jacob.  From Vox, the economic case for prompt and powerful measures to mitigate climate changes is overwhelming once discounting and equity concerns are properly modelled. Harnessing the weather: Could new technology help humans eliminate "acts of God"?  Today's government systems were built to cure the ills of the 19th century's spoils system, but what was a good idea a hundred years ago is not what we need now. A review of The Art of Strategy: A Game Theorist's Guide to Success in Business and Life by Avinash K. Dixit and Barry J. Nalebuff.