Allen Buchanan (Duke): Human Rights and the Legitimacy of the International Order. From Identity Theory, an interview with Howard Zinn. University students face four competing world views as they navigate their way through modern culture — they can only choose one of them. A review of Beyond Monotheism: A Theology of Multiplicity by Laurel Schneider. Here's a video on climate change and the death of small island states. Michael Brendan Dougherty on how Ward Connerly gets rich off of affirmative action (and a response). Graham Allison and Ernesto Zedillo on the fragility of the global nuclear order. Is Canada becoming a de facto dictatorship? A review of Donald J. Savoie’s Court Government and the Collapse of Accountability in Canada and the United Kingdom. A review of Florence Nightingale: The Woman and Her Legend by Mark Bostridge. The introduction to The Difference: How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Societies by Scott E. Page (and an interview). Peace through religious understanding is an admirable goal, but who should be paying for it? Never criticise the family: Geoffrey Wheatcroft reviews books on Zionism. A nation of conspiracy theorists can't be wrong: A review of Counterknowledge by Damian Thompson. One Nation Under Todd: MSNBC's political director becomes a unlikely star.