From Human Rights & Human Welfare, a roundtable on reforming intervention and protection under the United Nations. Reorganizing the international service bureaucracy: International service and foreign aid span too many departments and government agencies; what it needs is organization. From Azure, Amitai Etzioni on a right above all others: Why the protection of life should take precedence; an article on Henry Kissinger as the inside-outsider; and A. B. Yehoshua on an attempt to identify the root cause of Antisemitism. From The Weekly Standard, Peter Berkowitz on an unfortunate Israeli export, counterterrorism expertise. From America, a look at where big money is taking sports. A world of twenty-year cycles: Could it be that, every 20 years, a new generation sets out to shape the world? Disarming our demons: An article on the self-fulfilling prophecy of election-stealing. Does religion make people nicer? Only if they think Sky Big Brother is watching. A review of The Place to Be: Washington, CBS, and the Glory Days of Television News by Roger Mudd. Climate-change litigation is heating up; will the legal strategy that brought down Big Tobacco work against Big Oil? How long until we find a second Earth? Researchers are racing to find the first planet that might support life as we know it. An article on using math to explain how life on Earth began.