From Radical Notes, an interview with Amiya Kumar Bagchi on capital and capitalists nannied by the states; and perhaps we need a Marxian to sort out the world's financial woes. Who killed Wall Street? Dani Rodrik wants to know. From PhD Comics, a chart on the economic meltdown: Should you be concerned? The responsible thing, right now, is to give the economy the help it needs — now is not the time to worry about the deficit. Joseph Stiglitz on how, in some ways, this is the biggest crisis in 80 years. An article on James Tobin's nice little earner: A levy on currency transactions could raise billions and act to calm markets in turmoil. From Rolling Stone, a cover story on Obama's Moment. From The Washington Monthly, contributing editors to consider the looming challenges that America is likely to face — in the economy, education, the courts, and other areas — during an Obama or McCain presidency. Talking Points Memo presents McCain & the Pundits: Tire swinging as an alternative political lifestyle. Thomas Frank on his friend Bill Ayers: Once wanted by the FBI, he's since become a model citizen. What's the matter with Thomas Frank? Now that the self-appointed clarion of conservative malfeasance has struck punditry gold, the ruling class awaits his next act. A review of The American Future: A History by Simon Schama (and more and more and more).