From Gender and Language, a review of You’re Wearing That? Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation by Deborah Tannen; and a review of On Language and Sexual Politics by Deborah Cameron. A review of The Porning of America: The Rise of Porn Culture, What It Means, and Where We Go from Here by Carmine Sarracino and Kevin M. Scott. A review of The Decline of Men: How the American Male Is Tuning Out, Giving Up, and Flipping Off His Future by Guy Garcia. Winter is coming, the economy is in crisis, people are fearful: So why should we hope oil prices don’t fall too far? Why we can't imagine death: Why so many of us think our minds continue on after we die. From Diplomatic Courier, an article on saving (what's left of) the Aral Sea; an article on shaking hands with one dictator to oppose another; and an article on beauty pageants and tourism. Is it possible to live for a year without lying? A review of Public Intellectuals, Radical Democracy and Social Movements: A Book of Interviews by Carmel Borg and Peter Mayo. An excerpt from Alien Powers: The Pure Theory of Ideology by Kenneth Minogue. A suicide in the family: Two gripping memoirs explore the guilt and confusion left behind when a relative kills himself. A review of Loneliness as a Way of Life by Thomas Dumm.