The inaugural issue of Cultural Science is out. Look into the far, far future, to the day the cosmos decays into a frozen featureless void: What will happen as the stars wink out and the universe decays away to nothing? From Mute, hey kids, Marx is back, and this time he's being completely misrepresented again; and the Melancholic Troglodytes review two recent books exploring how speculation and risk management, once the preserve of finance, have become defining traits of all facets of contemporary capitalism. In France, nobody cares if leaders are single mothers. An interview with John R. MacArthur, author of You Can't be President: The Outrageous Barriers to Democracy in America. Why do polls always tighten right before an election? Beyond Diebold: A look at 10 ways to steal this election. From Time, a look at 7 things that could go wrong on Election Day. Why those "armies" of lawyers are our last, best hope for an honest Election Day. Peter Dreier and John Atlas on the GOP's blame-ACORN game. The Rationality Project: AJ Jacobs on his quest to ignore his gut instinct. Paper Money: Students with more cash than brains know how to get their term papers written fast. From Silver Lake to suicide: One family's secret history of the Jonestown Massacre.  A review of My Life with Che: The Making of a Revolutionary by Hilda Gadea.