A new issue of Democratiya is out. From Culture, a special issue on Good and Evil, including Amy Gilbert (Virginia): Vigilance and Virtue: In Search of Practical Wisdom. From The Hedgehog Review, a review of Russell J. Dalton’s The Good Citizen: How a Younger Generation Is Reshaping American Politics, a review of Jason A. Scorza’s Strong Liberalism: Habits of Mind for Democratic Citizenship, and a review of Craig Calhoun’s Nations Matter: Culture, History, and the Cosmopolitan Dream. The European Left and Ours: Peter Berkowitz on Bernard-Henri Levy, on point and off. Feel you have no real culture? Join the club. From Education Review, a review essay on educational transformation. The truth about hypocrisy: Charges of hypocrisy can be surprisingly irrelevant and often distract us from more important concerns. Too big not to fail: Eliot Spitzer on why we need to stop using the bailouts to rebuild gigantic financial institutions. A review of The Art of the Public Grovel: Sexual Sin and Public Confession in America by Susan Wise Bauer. America is not declining: Demographic and economic trends suggest that the age of American dominance won’t end anytime soon. An excerpt from All the Art That's Fit to Print (And Some That Wasn't): Inside The New York Times Op-Ed Page by Jerelle Kraus. From Time, here's the Top 10 Everything of 2008.