From the IMF's Finance & Development, a special issue on the financial crisis, including Olivier Blanchard (IMF): Cracks in the System: Repairing the Damaged Global Economy; Noel Sacasa (IMF): Preventing Future Crises: Priorities for Regulatory Reform after the Meltdown; an article on the crisis through the lens of history; here's a view from Japan; and a look at how recessions accompanied by credit crunches or asset price busts are deeper and longer lasting. Brad DeLong reviews Panic! The Story of Modern Financial Insanity. Ezra Klein reviews The Private Abuse of the Public Interest: Market Myths and Policy Muddles by Lawrence D. Brown and Lawrence R. Jacobs and The Case for Big Government by Jeff Madrick. A review of Enough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life by John Bogle. The End of the End of the Revolution: Fidel Castro’s Cuba has been dying for years — what can be done to help bring the island into the 21st century? Carlin Romano describes an American scholar's defense of the vigor and cosmopolitan modernity of Scandinavian culture. A review of Experimental Philosophy. From The Philosophers' Magazine, a review of The Ethics of Climate Change by James Garvey; a piece of iMe: An interview with David Chalmers; and why did philosophers come together in a world congress for a whole week? (and more and more)