From Folio, a look at How to Get Out of the Traffic Ghetto: Magazine publishers will try anything to ramp up page views. From FLYP, Brewster Kahle wants to give you digital access to every book, film, video, song, TV show and periodical ever published; if he succeeds, the world will be a different place; and color can lift our spirits and put us in a buying mood — or so marketers hope; the top color consultants are doing their best to revive the economy and the nation’s mood. Here's a Field Guide to Financial Scams: Ponzis, pyramids, and bucket shops. From Archeology, forensic archaeologists uncover evidence of a secret massacre — and help convict Saddam Hussein of crimes against humanity; and Paleolithic pastime: An interview with Celine Rainville, captain of the Hurling Ravens, on the new sport of ancient spear-throwing. From Culture11, Malcolm Gladwell is praised and panned. Not just a comedian anymore: An article on Tommy Chong, the unanticipated warrior. What I've learned: Here is wisdom and damn good advice from hundreds of headliners. Web 3.0: What's next after what's next. From Foreign Policy, here are the top 10 stories you missed in 2008; and an interview with Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper on how to kick pirate booty (and more). Pin-striped pirates: Why does the UK retain a handful of colonies? To destroy the world’s taxation systems.