Palma Joy Strand (Creighton): Do We Value Our Cars More than Our Kids? The Conundrum of Care for Children. Undescended testicles are among the most common birth defects in the United States; chemicals that we use in plastics and personal care products appear to be the culprit. The Placenta Cookbook: For a growing number of new mothers, there’s no better nutritional snack after childbirth than the fruit of their own labor. Being a parent has many benefits, but could it actually prolong your life? The miracle of birth is that most of us figure out how to mother — more or less. A blood test determines a baby's sex earlier than ever, but at what cost? Rise of the Twins: A Slate special issue on the science, history and culture of multiple births. Femi-nihilism: The most devastating aspect of the feminist agenda is the way it sets mothers at odds with their children and devalues motherhood. The fatherhood myth: Michael Gilding unravels the uncertain data about mistaken paternity. The Gift of Life: J. David Velleman on why children have a right to know and be reared by their biological parents. The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy: “Pregnancy reduction” for women carrying twins opens up an uncharted territory of personal choice. Did human pregnancy evolve because of an infection? Scientists may know why our babies advance so much in the womb. Get out there and make some babies: Jake DiMare argues that for true gender equality, we need more progressive, liberal folks to create more children and raise them up with love, civility and the ability to think critically about their surroundings. From, a look at 7 terrifying things they don't tell you about pregnancy, the 5 most horrible things nobody tells you about babies, and 12 great parenting products for traumatizing your baby.