From Discover, when will we be transhuman? Seven conditions for attaining transhumanism; and “I would hope that saner minds would prevail”: An interview with Mary DeMarle on the ethics of transhumanism. A history of transhumanism: How old is the transhumanist desire in man? The key is to see “transhumanism” as a philosophy being just a temporary crutch, a tool for humanity to safely make the leap to transhumanity — transhumanism is really only simplified humanism. A review of The Hacking of Human 2.0 by Richard Yonck. Humanity 2.0: Steve Fuller says we are moving away from seeing ourselves as "normal" humans as we increasingly embrace technological and medical advances — if we can afford them (and more). The cyborg in us all: When will we be able to direct computers with our thoughts? Sooner than you think. Nicholas Agar, Brad Allenby, and Kyle Munkittrick debate extreme human enhancement. Too smart for our own good: Will cognitive enhancement destroy the human race? A review of Technological Nature: Adaptation and the Future of Human Life by Peter H. Kahn. Michael Anissimov on mitigating the risks of artificial superintelligence. Does humanity need an AI nanny? Ben Goertzel wonders. A review of Beyond Humanity? by Allen Buchanan. The early rumblings of the coming Singularity are becoming increasingly evident and obvious — make no mistake: It’s coming. The Singularity isn't near: Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen and Mark Greaves say the singularity itself is a long way off. From the 2011 Singularity Summit, Tyler Cowen and Michael Vasser debate the Singularity. George Musser on how life arose on Earth, and how a Singularity might bring it down.