Zachary D. Kaufman (GWU) and Phil Clark (Oxford): After Genocide. Kyle J. Hatton and Katharina Pistor (Columbia): Maximizing Autonomy in the Shadow of Great Powers: The Political Economy of Sovereign Wealth Funds. A review of The Hellhound of Wall Street: How Ferdinand Pecora’s Investigation of the Great Crash Forever Changed American Finance by Michael Perino. Kim Solez and Nikki Olson on the evolving dynamic of evil and love. Rightbloggers denounce the end of the Iraq occupation and the "horrific murder" of Gaddafi. The New Norquist: Meet Colin Hanna, the GOP’s latest hardline power broker. A review of On Second Thought: Outsmarting Your Mind's Hard-Wired Habits by Wray Herbert. Is the number of basic colour terms a language has reflected in the number of colours on its country’s flag? A review of Modernist America: Art, Music, Movies, and the Globalisation of American Culture by Richard Pells. Gavin Polone on why TV shouldn’t be so afraid of the word "fuck". An interview with Charlotte Gill, author of Eating Dirt: Deep Forests, Big Timber, and Life with the Tree-Planting Tribe. From Boing Boing, an interview with David Eagleman, neuroscientist. A look at he 6 most mind-blowing ways your brain can malfunction. From GQ, two days after the Japanese tsunami, after the waves had left their destruction, as rescue workers searched the ruins, news came of an almost surreal survival: Miles out at sea, a man was found, alone, riding on nothing but the roof of his house. A review of The Unity of Consciousness by Tim Bayne. Used to be that live-action role-playing (LARP) was nothing more than a bunch of full-grown virgins with action-figure collections. Do we need a third-party presidential candidacy? Ezra Klein debates Matt Miller. A review of The Origins of AIDS by Jacques Pepin.