From The Guardian, a special section on our crowded planet: Global population hits 7 billion. From the Oxford Guide to Treaties, here is the entry on treaty signature. What will happen to Gaddafi's body — will it be used to make a political statement, as the bodies of Bin Laden, Goring and Lenin were? From THES, ahead of Lord Woolf's report on the scandal of the LSE's links with Libya, Christopher Davidson examines the issue of UK university funding by Gulf autocracies in the light of the Arab Spring. "Ten Years Later: Surveillance in the Homeland" is a joint project between and ACLU. Sarah Jaffe on how the surveillance state protects the interests of the ultra-rich. The arrival of .XXX begs the question: How much of the internet is actually for porn? There are two Barack Obamas: Harvard Obama and Chicago Obama. After leaving football, historian Taylor Branch emerges as an NCAA critic. One month after Taylor Branch's damning cover story in The Atlantic about the NCAA's shameful exploitation of college athletes — which itself followed a raft of accusations of bribery and foul play — the organization that governs college sports announced "sweeping reform". Does Kim need to keep his nukes to avoid Gaddafi’s fate? John Pilger and Noam Chomsky debate the future of radical media. Five ways to kill a hipster? Claire Martine on a critique of anti-hipsterism. Wrong mission accomplished: Jack Goldsmith on how Dick Cheney reined in presidential power. The engine of capitalism might just be delusional optimism, says Daniel Kahneman — and more on how cognitive illusions blind us to reason. Conservative activist Cliff Kincaid has a new target for populist outrage: Democratic-leaning financier George Soros and he’s got the kooky conspiracy theory diagrams to prove it! Taxing the rich: A guide to the controversy.