Adolph L. Reed Jr. and Merlin Chowkwanyun (Penn): Race, Class, Crisis: The Discourse of Racial Disparity and its Analytical Discontents. Joshua Zingher and M. Steen Deirdre M. Bowen (Seattle): Meeting Across the River: Why Affirmative Action Needs Race and Class Diversity. Thomas (SUNY-Binghamton): Segregation and Neighborhood Level Racial Heterogeneity: The Structure of Racially Polarized Voting. Jessica L. West (Yale): 12 Racist Men: Post-Verdict Evidence of Juror Bias. George B. Shepherd and Joanna Shepherd (Emory): Baseball’s Accidental Racism: The Draft, African-American Players, and the Law. Why we're at war with ourselves: Daniel Honan on understanding racism as an introduction to psychology. A review of Is Marriage for White People?: How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone by Ralph Richard Banks. The unbelievers: An article on African-American atheists. How Herman Cain killed black Republicanism: One day the GOP will get a legitimate black conservative voice — that day hasn't come. A review of Opting Out: Losing the Potential of America’s Young Black Elite by Maya A. Beasley. A review of Why Don’t American Cities Burn? by Michael B. Katz. The foreword to Critical Theories of Race and Racism in World Perspective by Angela P. Harris. Black atheism: Many mistake nonbeliever Tommie Shelby for a lapsed Christian — here's what they don't understand. Why do so few blacks study the Civil War? Ta-Nehisi Coates wants to know. Madame Noire on things black people think are racist but are not. A review of Looking at African American History, 1513-2008 by Henry Louis Gates Jr. Are there too few African-American men willing and able to be the sort of husbands that black women want?