From Alternative Right, John Bean on a way forward for the British National Party. A review of Hate: My Life in the British Far Right by Matthew Collins. The myth of the polite Englishman: A review of Cruelty and Laughter: Forgotten Comic Literature and the Unsentimental Eighteenth Century by Simon Dickie. War of words between London and Edinburgh over Scotland's future heats up. The Scottish Player: How a Canadian expat became an unlikely kingpin in another country’s ruling separatist party. What if Scotland divorced the UK? Jennifer O'Mahony wonders. From Open Democracy, Scotland and the crisis of the British and European Unions: How do we democratise?; and is Euroscepticism a very English disease? From NYRB, Jeff Madrick on how austerity is killing Europe. Will we be all right in the end? From Foreign Policy, a special report: Can Europe be saved? David Runciman writes about the current European crisis. The Myth of Europe: The euro crisis isn't really about money — it's about the fiction that Europeans ever existed at all. From The American Interest, Francis Fukuyama on European identities (and part 2). More justice through more Europe: An interview with Ulrich Beck. In a new Eurozine focal point, contributors discuss whether the EU is not only broke, but also broken and if so, whether Europe's leaders are up to the task of fixing it. From Eurozine, Pierre Nora on recent history and the new dangers of politicization. War in Europe? Not so impossible. Norman Davies on Europe’s vanished states: There’s as much to learn, if not more, from looking at states that have disappeared (and more).