Tsilly Dagan (Bar-Ilan): Dilemmas of Tax Policy in a Globalized World. Stuart Schoenfeld and Jonathan Rubin (York): Contrasting Regional Environmentalisms in the Eastern Mediterranean: A Social Constructionist Perspective. New Humanist goes inside the mind of Scientology's Messiah: Twenty-five years after his death, Michael Bywater revisits the sacred texts of the pulp science writer turned prophet L Ron Hubbard. When can the president order the execution without trial of an American citizen? How to argue about politics: What if the Democrats took a more philosophical approach to their opposition to Republican positions? In an age where easy prosperity will never return, the challenge is to “protect” against privatisation, oligarchs and rentier capitalists — William Davies reflects on life 20 years after the closure of Marxism Today. Playing God: Philip Ball looks at the timeless fascination, and consequences, of the monster myth. East Timor, the world's second youngest country, faces a unique challenge: few of its teachers speak the country's legal lingua franca, Portuguese — so what should schools teach?