From RAND Review, a look at how demographic trends forecast next phases for China, India, and the United States; Stijn Hoorens on how all European Union countries face declining and aging populations; an infographic of the world in 2030 shows how different it will be from that of today; and a look at how demographic trends will change the world through 2050. From The Washington Quarterly, what should the world expect from this year’s transitions in China, Russia, and France? The introduction to The New World Order by Joel Kotkin. From Foreign Policy, how dangerous is the world? Paul Miller investigates. Richard Betts on possible future threats to the US. From Democracy Journal, a special section on America and the World: New principles to guide our foreign policy. A review of Sovereignty or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves or Be Ruled by Others? by John Fonte (and more and more). As the world is undergoing a profound transformation, what role will the US play in a post-American century? As the US pivots toward Asia, Europe stumbles. Lionel Barber Asia's rise, the West's fall? Ira Straus on the optical illusion of Western decline (and part 2).