A new issue of Wild River Review is out. From the International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Amy Singer (Knox): A Novel Approach: The Sociology of Literature, Children’s Books, and Social Inequality; Jennifer Brady (Queens): Cooking as Inquiry: A Method to Stir Up Prevailing Ways of Knowing Food, Body, and Identity; and Janet Newbury (Victoria): A Place for Theoretical Inconsistency. There is no purpose in pretending that the international community will come to the rescue of the Syrian people — why? Because the Libya intervention was too much of a success. From 6 economists, 6 ways to face 2012. Sanjay Patel on a hipster’s guide to Hinduism. Julian Sanchez on Internet regulation and the economics of piracy. David Leonhardt on why Americans think the tax rate’s high, and why they’re wrong. From AOL Government, a special section on the Best of 2011. The new American divide: Charles Murray on what's cleaving America, and why. Stephen Walt on the Israel lobby's role in American politics. Can Plato's allegory of the cave shed light on the condition of addiction?