A new issue of Socio-Legal Review is out. From Tehelka, should India give up its parliament? Shashi Tharoor wonders. From NYRB, Pankaj Mishra on Indians against democracy. The failed promise of once beloved Manmohan Singh: Ram Guha assesses the many failings of a man once projected as India's best prime minister. The Cult of Mayawati: Love her or hate her, India's polarizing political superstar is a force to be reckoned with. What is India? India is a country of mostly immigrants who came to the country over the past 10,000 years. Siddhartha Shome on the New India versus the global green Brahmins. If only the rest of the world could emulate the Government of Rajasthan in India in adopting public policies to promote the commons. Is India’s government killing its economic miracle? India’s current retail economy might be imperfect, but it works as a shock absorber — Bhavdeep Kang on the pitfalls of opening India to big retail (and more). From Guernica, is the dearth of world-class museums in India part of the tragic legacy of empire? A look at 5 things you can learn about India from their action movies.