From the Romanian Review on Political Geography, an essay on the rise of BRIC, 21st century geopolitics, and the future of consumer society. From The Atlantic, a special report on The Next Global Economies: The BRICs and Beyond. Focusing on the financing of real businesses and economic growth seems to be the secret of the BRICs. Eyeing resources, India, China, Brazil, Japan, and other countries want a voice on the Arctic Council. Why today's rising powers can't copy the West: If BRICs want to grow as rich as today's powers, they'll have to find a new model, because the Industrial Revolution could only happen once. The BRICs, it seems, have become not building blocks of world economic growth, but deadweights to its continuance. Will the good BRICS please stand up? You can call them respectable democracies, but India, Brazil, and South Africa will be judged by how they act abroad — and on the Syria question, it's been shameful (and more). More than BRICS in the Wall: What do all those acronyms stand for? Rise of the TIMBIs: Forget the BRICs — the real economies that will shake up the world over the next few decades need a new acronym.