From Intersections, a special issue on the Art and Politics of Moving Bodies in Oceania. From The Guardian, a series on Thomas Aquinas, a father of modernity. While sex purges our genome of harmful mutations and pushes biodiversity, it's a costly exercise for the average organism, so when, and why, did it all begin? The problem(s) with sex: Sex is quite simply a terrible way to reproduce. Is Grover Norquist America's “most powerful man”? James Fallows on the sad and infuriating Mike Daisey case. Political Malpractice, Deficit Edition: Bang-your-head-against-the-wall material about the Obama administration’s “pivot” to deficits. The U.S. cruises toward a 2013 fiscal cliff: As tax cuts expire and spending falls, the economy will be hit with a 3.5% decline in gross domestic demand. The Baffler is back: Founded in 1988 by Thomas Frank and Keith White, and staffed by such bright lights as Matt Weiland, Dave “Diamonds” Mulcahey, Chris Lehmann, Damon Krukowski, and Tom Vanderbilt, The Baffler was one of the two most important zine/journals of the Nineties (1994-2003).