Ahmad Jafari Samimi and Ahmad Chehreghani (UMZ): Ethonomics and the History of Economic Thought. Antonello Zanfei (Urbino): Multinational Firms and the Pursuit of Social Benefits. Can Apple shape up? David Johnson spoke to GoodGuide founder Dara O’Rourke on the ethics of what they buy. From PUP, the introduction to Free Market Fairness by John Tomasi. Richard Epstein on social justice and empty pockets: “People before profits” is a perverse idea that ignores the very mechanism by which people are helped. From the Atlas Society's Business Rights Center, Jeffrey Miron on an economic defense of insider trading. Why is Wall Street full of psychopaths? Robert Shiller on why finance isn’t as amoral as it seems (and part 2 and part 3 and part 4). From HBR, Justin Fox on the problem with the profit motive in finance. Fed economists find that yes, TARP may have increased moral hazard. Mark Thoma on the budget and the real moral problem. From Dissent, is capitalism on trial? Peter Dreier investigates. Marxists, bankers, Occupy protesters and philosophers alike all live in the same world — so who are the true materialists?