Irina Savelieva (RAS): In Search of the New "Turns": History and Theory in the 21st Century. From World History Connected, a special issue on the environment in world history. Telling Time: William Grassie on a correlated history of the universe. An interview with Sanjay Subrahmanyam on how history cannot be written as if nations had always been around. From The University Bookman, a series of essays focusing on the life and achievement of historian John Lukacs. How a historian who reveled in destroying the reputations of others ruined his own: A review of An Honourable Englishman: The Life of Hugh Trevor-Roper by Adam Sisman. Baffled by the ease with which titles promising to turn world history on its head have won huge audiences despite defying logic and lacking proof, Daniel Melia laboured to divine the hidden secrets that allow anyone to identify truly "bad books". History, sired by literary nomads: Raju Peddada on how itinerant scribes of antiquity drafted historiography (and part 2). Geoff Dyer on different ways of writing history and examples where innovative or experimental approaches have paid off.