Vladimir Tikhonov (Oslo): Transcending Boundaries, Embracing Others: Nationalism and Transnationalism in Modern and Contemporary Korea. Kongdan Oh (IDA) and Ralph Hassig (Maryland): Military Confrontation on the Korean Peninsula. From the latest issue of the Journal of Asia Pacific Studies, Da Eun Lee, Sol Kim and Dr. Steven Shirley (Keimyung Adams): Korea is Looking South; and Tony Tai-Ting Liu and Hung Ming-Te (Chung Hsing): Hegemonic Stability and Northeast Asia: What Hegemon? What Stability? The black hole of North Korea: Marcus Noland on what economists can't tell you about the most isolated country on Earth. From The International Economy, is the world underestimating the chances for Japan to achieve at least a modest rebound? A symposium of views. Michael Schiltz on Japan’s monetary imperialism. Hiro Saito on the Fukushima disaster and Japan’s Occupy movement. Following radiation expert Dr. Robert Gale into the exclusion zone around Fukushima, Japan, the site of last March’s nuclear meltdown, Pico Iyer reports on the prognosis for the stoic workers at the plant. Gavan McCormack on Mage, Japan’s island beyond the reach of the law.