Jonah Perlin (Georgetown): Religion as a Conversation Starter: What Liberal Religious Political Advocates Add to the Debate About Religion’s Place in Legal and Political Discourse. From the latest issue of the Journal of Religion and Society, Bradley R. E. Wright and Christina Zozula (Connecticut) and W. Bradford Wilcox (Virginia): Bad News about the Good News: The Construction of the Christian-Failure Narrative; and Dan W. Hess (Seattle Pacific): The Impact of Religiosity on Personal Financial Decisions. From Christianity Today's Books & Culture, a review of Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism (and more). From America, how the sexual abuse crisis has reshaped priestly training. Unholy Alliance: The controversy over the Catholic Church and health care goes beyond birth control. The original Left Behind: Forty years ago, A Thief in the Night had scores of people wondering if they'd survive the rapture. We’d better start saying, “Jesus wants gays to be happy”. Christianity has been destroyed by politics, priests, and get-rich evangelists — ignore them, writes Andrew Sullivan, and embrace Him.