From Fast Capitalism, a special section on Academia in the Internet Age. From History of Intellectual Culture, John R. Thelin (Kentucky) and Richard W. Trollinger (Centre): "Forever is a Long Time": Reconsidering Universities’ Perpetual Endowment Policies in the Twenty-First Century. UC-Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi is a bona fide 1-percenter — when did executive pay at public universities get so high? College presidents discuss the relevance of Christian higher education, the theological issues facing Christian universities, and more. Apartheid in Academia: Arizona’s war on Mexican-American studies. To judge by the gleefully bull-headed ignorance shown by politicians, bloggers and others, scientific evidence and scholarly analysis may soon count for nothing; Jon Marcus considers where this anti-intellectual climate leaves the academy. The problems facing scholarly journals extend well beyond the "publish or perish" syndrome, and grow from it. Humanities and public life: Teresa Mangum explains how a new book series aims to promote a broader sense of the mission of academic work.