Laurie R. Blank (Emory): Targeted Strikes: The Consequences of Blurring the Armed Conflict and Self-Defense Justifications. From Joint Force Quarterly, Lukas Milevski (Reading): Stuxnet and Strategy: A Space Operation in Cyberspace; Gary D. Brown (USAF): Why Iran Didn't Admit Stuxnet Was an Attack; and a review of Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar by Martin C. Libicki. From Strategic Forum, Vincent Manzo on deterrence and escalation in cross-domain operations: Where do space and cyberspace fit? Think Again, Cyberwar: Don't fear the digital bogeyman — virtual conflict is still more hype than reality. Sebastian Wuschka (RUB): The Use of Combat Drones in Current Conflicts: A Legal Issue or a Political Problem? I Love You, Killer Robots: Quadrotor drones are amazing and cute and will probably destroy us all. The looming threat of drone warfare must be stopped, but don’t count on our geopolitical leaders to do so, argues Richard Falk. David Cortright on how the accelerating use of drone weapons has opened a new chapter in the history of warfare. A look at how cyber and drone attacks may change warfare more than the machine gun.