Frank Schimmelfennig (ETH Zurich): Europeanization beyond Europe. Tommaso Pavone (Chicago): The Dark Side of European Integration: Franco-German Dominance and the Structural Reproduction of Informal Empire. From the Eastern Journal of European Studies, a special issue on post-accession economic development of the new EU members. From Re-public, two special issues on the politics of fear and the rise of far-right extremism in Europe. Is Germany’s euro crisis strategy actually working? The Return of the King: James Poulos on why Europe needs another Napoleon. From First Things, is the European Union a Catholic plot? A review of The Crisis of the European Union by Jurgen Habermas (and more). Jurgen Habermas on bringing the integration of citizens into line with the integration of states. How to be a European (Union) philosopher: By imposing its technocratic vision on its citizens, the European Union is ignoring the existential lives of those who are not in power. Can Europe’s left rebound as economic crisis continues?