Adam Rosen (Pratt): Retrieving the Power of the Question: Aristotle's Inquiries Concerning Sexual Difference. Elaine Craig (Dalhousie): Troubling Sex: Towards a Theory of Sexual Integrity. Julie A. Greenberg (Thomas Jefferson): Intersexuality and the Law: Why Sex Matters. From Gender Forum, a special issue on sex(uality), gender and pornography, including Stefan Offermann (Cologne): Dildos and Cyborgs: Feminist Body Politics and Porn from the 1970s to Posthumanism; Johanna Schorn (Cologne): Subverting Pornormativity: Feminist and Queer Interventions; and Samuel Horn (Colgne): Fragments of Fear and Power: On the Pornographic Construction of Masculinity. From the Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies, a special issue on Rae Langton’s Sexual Solipsism: Philosophical Essays on Pornography and Objectification. A review of Assuming a Body: Transgender and Rhetorics of Materiality by Gayle Salamon. A review of Sex Before Sexuality: A Premodern History by Kim Phillips and Barry Reay. An interview with Hanne Blank, author of Straight: The Surprisingly Short History of Hetrosexuality (and more and more and more).