From Free Inquiry, Frank L. Pasquale (Trinity): The Social Science of Secularity; and Tom Flynn (CSH): Who Are These Doubters Anyway? A Look Back at the Demographics of Unbelief; Alan Charles Kors (Penn): The Enlightenment, Naturalism, and the Secularization of Values; Greta Christina on why atheism demands social justice; and a look at why seculars don’t sing. An atheist hero is something to be: An interview with Matthew Chapman, the director of the The Ledge, a thriller featuring Hollywood's first openly atheist hero. Among the Nonbelievers: Atheist activists in Orlando talk separation of church and state, sick kids, and Evil God (and part 2). Can terrestrial religion survive intact in a universe in which innumerable planets orbit other suns? Yes, life without God can be bleak; atheism is about facing up to that. Does it matter whether God exists? The philosopher John Gray has recently been arguing that belief in God should have little or nothing to do with religion. Do atheists need a moral theory to be moral realists? An interview with Penn Jillette on atheism, libertarianism, and why he’d give a random stranger the keys to a Ferrari.